I hope you enjoy the thoughts and images spread on the pages here. Thinking is always a useful activity, or so it seems to me. But the problem I have faced over many years is the lack of time to indulge subjects that are really important to me as an individual, let alone to convert the results into something descriptive. Busy times pass and you are left without any major stores upon which to draw…until you get old enough and stubborn enough to take control of those things on which so much time has just been squandered. Strangely, that is when you come to discover much about yourself and others. These are the things which make life far more than sitting in gridlock, or competing with the other guy…or even simply driving hard toward a goal that you never formulated in the beginning.

We, Ann and I, are grandparents and we are parenting again, as many in the USA are. We have two delightful youngsters Esther and Jeremy, some 55 years younger, who raising us! Is this some slippage of modern society? Hardly, we are just filling the roles that elders of a family held down through the ages. And you know, it is interesting. A gap of one whole generation has closed – although we may not be as young as those others, we are parenting too!

All four of us are dual citizens of both nations: Australia is our native land and the USA is theirs. So we move back and forth between homes in the US Pacific Northwest and the Mid North Coast region of New South Wales. It makes for interesting experiences as the cultures and history of the two places are deeply dissimilar once you escape the city smoke and touch the real land. So it is my desire here to express some of the feelings our mobile lifestyles engender. Please enjoy.

“amo ut invenio”


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